Focused 2 on 1


Share a session with a teammate or a cricket loving friend for a fantastic experience and great value. You will train with a partner under the guidance of one of our coaches. This presents an opportunity to create more realistic training; we can create match situation scenarios and we can build teamwork skills by helping your partner during skill drills – just like they do at the top level.


We offer a 10 Session Package which is perfect for those cricketers who are:

  • Dedicating themselves to their cricket over a term or more
  • Beginners looking at learning all the skills of cricket over 10 sessions

Please give us a call if you wish to discuss something regarding your training so we can set up the perfect training program for you.


You can use the NSW Governments $100 Active Kids vouchers towards our 10 Session Term Package. This will save you a minimum of $150 off the price of 10 sessions so it is definitely worth it!

Please get in touch with us to organise this as the voucher needs to be emailed to us and payment will be processed manually and not through the online booking system.

Elite offers a range of coaching options and packages to best suit your requirements and budget. Packages are listed at the bottom of the online booking system page.